OvalBot Code

#Store Trump's timeline in variable -> trump_timeline.
trump_timeline = twitter.get_user_timeline(screen_name="realdonaldtrump")
#get latest tweet only, check for repeats,
#and store latest in variable -> latest_tweet.

tweet_repeat_check = 1
for tweet in trump_timeline:
	if tweet_repeat_check <= 1 and "https://t.co" not in tweet['text']:
		latest_tweet = tweet['text']
		tweet_repeat_check += 1
#split latest_tweet into letters and make it a list stored in .
latest_tweet = latest_tweet.lower()
tweet_words = latest_tweet.split()
split_tweet = list(latest_tweet)

#a values taken from Gettysburg Address (Bliss Copy)
noun_list_a = ['years', 'fathers', 'continents', 'nations', 
				'propositions', 'civil wars', 'men', 'battle-fields',
				'living', 'honored dead', 
				'God', 'freedoms', 'governments', 'people']
verb_list_a = ['are', 'bring forth', 'conceive', 'dedicate', 'engage', 'test',
				'consecrate', 'add', 'detract', 'struggle with', 'resolve',
#e values taken from JFK Inaugural Address
noun_list_e = ['celebrations', 'freedoms', 'beginnings', 'changes', 
				'solemn oaths', 'forbears', 'revolutionary beliefs', 
				'rights', 'heirs of that first revolution', 'Americans',
				'human rights', 'faithful friends', 'new states', 'ranks of the free',
				'communists', 'votes', 'the few who are rich', 
				'the many who are poor', 'sister republics', 'chains of poverty',
				'hostile powers', 'united nations', 'dark powers of destruction',
				'groups of nations', 'both sides', 'all nations',
				'wonders of science', 'terrors', 'ocean depths', 
				'arts', 'corners of the earth', 'arms', 'common enemies of man',
verb_list_e = ['are', 'pledge', 'observe', 'hold', 'abolish', 'temper',
				'meet', 'dare not meet', 'welcome', 'cannot help', 
				'assist', 'renew', 'strengthen', 'enlarge', 'dare not tempt',
				'take comfort from', 'explore', 'formulate', 'encourage',
				'unite to heed', 'do not shrink from']
#i values taken from FDR First Inaugural Address 1933
noun_list_i = ['conditions', 'efforts', 'fears', 'people', 'difficulties',
				'values', 'taxes', 'means of exchange', 'currents of trade',
				'withered leaves', 'thousands of families', 'savings', 
				'citizens', 'realities', 'locusts', 'preils', 'efforts', 
				'practices', 'rules', 'truths', 'social values', 'profits',
				'hearts and minds', 'self-seekers', 'fellow men', 'money changers',
				'false beliefs', 'standards', 'obligations', 'changes',
				'ethics', 'cities', 'relief activities', 'communications',
				'utilities', 'industrial centers', 'forms of transportation',
				'safeguards', 'evils', 'measures', 'trade relations', 'things',
				'states', 'lines of attack', 'elements', 'neighbors', 
				'others', 'lives', 'purposes', 'common problems', 
				'ancestors', 'days', 'moral values']
verb_list_i = ['are', 'address', 'offer', 'find no markets for', 
				'face the grim problem of', 'deny', 'comes from', 
				'are stricken by', 'are frozen in', 'are faced by', 
				'are frozen in currents of', 'have failed', 'reject',
				'minister to', 'can be helped by', 'are in point of time and necessity secondary to',
				'guide', 'attack']
#o values taken from Lyndon B. Johnson's Voting Rights
noun_list_o = ['both parties', 'Americans of all religions and of all colors', 
				'americans from every section of this country', 'long-suffering men and women',
				'many', 'equal rights', 'millions of Americans', 'cries of pain',
				'hymns and protests of oppressed people', 'issues of war and peace',
				'issues of prosperity and depression', 'values and purposes and the meaning of our beloved Nation',
				'americans', 'great phrases', 'words', 'centuries', 'theories',
				'guardians of our liberty', 'possessions']
verb_list_o = ['join', 'peacefully protest', 'brutally assault', 'have summoned into convocation',
				'serve', 'are marked with debate about', 'are met with', 'have fought and died for',
				'educate', 'provide for']
#u values taken from Barack Obama 2008 Speech on Race
noun_list_u = ['years', 'men', 'words', 'farmers and scholars', 'colonies',
				'founders', 'generations', 'people', 'words on a parchment', 
				'protests', 'citizens', 'Americans in successive generations',
				'streets', 'tasks', 'challenges of our time', 'schools', 
				'nations', 'slaves', 'slaveowners', 'continents', 'predictions',
				'populations', 'African americans', 'white americans', 
				'racial tensions', 'liberals', 'statements', 'questions',
				'remarks', 'conflicts in the Middle East', 'actions of stalwart allies', 
				'wars,' 'problems that confront us all', 'values and ideals', 
				'politics', 'universities', 'seminaries', 'trials', 'triumphs',
				'struggles', 'successes', 'contradictions', 'comments', 
				'sermons', 'complexities of race', 'corners']
verb_list_u = ['gather', 'launch', 'travel across', 'produce', 'stain', 
				'bring to a stalemate', 'divide', 'promised', 'provide full rights to', 
				'choose to run for', 'solve', 'pass on', 'never forget', 
				'built a powerful coalition of', 'scour', 'denigrate', 
				'emanate from', 'solve', 'confront', 'associate with', 
				'become', 'embody', 'are full of', 'contain in full']